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What Steph Curry Said

by Makenna Cannon Youth Programs Coordinator, Elks National Foundation Over the past three months, I’ve attended happy hours, birthday parties, game nights, and house warmings, all from the comfort of my couch. Virtual get-togethers have become the new normal. We’re searching for ways to spend time together while not actually being together. To stay connected, we’ve gotten creative. A few weeks back, I attended my first virtual conference hosted by the Jr. NBA. I livestreamed discussions and speakers by Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry and Dr. Vivek Murthy, a former U.S. Surgeon General. Topics ranged from team building to coaching strategy, but the central theme that carried through was engagement: How do we stay engaged and connected with teammates, friends and family? And, why is it important to do so? For All-Star Steph Curry, engagement looks like virtual all-team workouts twice a week, plus checking in with teammates on FaceTime. Returning to the gam

An Instinct for Caring

by Claire Schnucker Donor Services Coordinator, Elks National Foundation Back in November, I wrote these two sentences:             “I know for certain that the Elks will continue to care about communities.”                         “Hope is a perfect impetus for success.” They were written for a blog post about my review of our mid-year numbers. The ENF closed the 2019-20 fiscal year on March 31 st . Next week, I will present our final numbers for last year. I work in the Donor Services department. We process every donation to the ENF. By mid-March, all of us were working from home. Just like organizations across the nation, the ENF had to completely rethink processes that had been used for decades. In times of great upheaval, everyone has to do their part to listen, reinvent and collaborate. In March, the ENF was able to do just that. Claire presents her analysis of the ENF's mid-year numbers to fellow staff members . Normally when I sit down to look


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