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Meet the Class of 2014 Elks Scholars

  Tara Chattoraj 2014 Most Valuable Student Scholar    University of Chicago—Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry Major Sponsored by Wheaton, Ill., Lodge No. 2258 “Since my synapses first began to form, I have wanted not only to amass knowledge, but to create it,” says Tara Chattoraj. Her involvements throughout high school allowed her to learn, create, and share her knowledge with others. Tara, who is interested in a career in medical physics, advanced her knowledge as an intern at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. She built modules to help regulate the accelerator, worked in physics labs, and programmed solar panels. In addition, she has also published numerous articles in textbooks and literary magazines. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. In her free time, she tutors children at a local shelter, assists students with test preparation, teaches the violin, and works as a karate instructor at a martial arts studio, where she is a second degree blac

Meet the Class of 2014 Elks Scholars

Laura Chelgren 2014 Legacy Awards Recipient George Washington University—Political Science Major Sponsored by Punxsutawney, Pa., Lodge No. 301 Elks scholars have a myriad of interests, which they pursue with passion on their journey from high school to college and beyond. For Laura Chelgren, her journey is taking her from the local theater stage onto the world stage, as she pursues a career in politics and an interest in travel. In high school Laura was involved with her high school’s drama club and volunteered regularly with local theater companies. Besides serving as an officer for drama club, Laura created rehearsal schedules, helped with props and costumes, and helped cast members learn their lines. She also held the lead roles in several plays with community theaters. After years on the theater stage, Laura is looking forward to expanding her horizons by traveling through Greece and Italy this summer, after traveling through Australia and New Zealand the previous ye

Meet the ENF Staff

Bill Donnelly Development Coordinator  Bill is collecting Elks pins from every state! Help him fill in his map by sending him your state's pin. How long have you worked at the ENF? One month. What projects are you/your department working on right now? I am currently being trained, working on a variety of different projects and learning everything I can about the ENF. What’s your favorite part of working at the ENF? Coming in everyday and being able to work with my friends. Describe your average day at the ENF. I spend a good amount of time answering phones and emails, and the rest of it in trainings and meetings. I learn something new here every single day. What are you looking forward to this summer? This summer is going to be filled with BBQ’s, concerts, festivals and beach trips. What’s one thing about you that might surprise people? I love to play lacrosse. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Benjamin Franklin. He was one o

Meet the Class of 2014 Elks Scholars

Alison Masson 2014 Most Valuable Student Scholar Washington and Lee University—Political Science Major Sponsored by Sussex, N.J., Lodge No. 2288 Being leaders in both academics and service is natural for Elks scholars. For Alison Masson, her leadership is bound together with her commitment to humanitarian initiatives and community service. Besides being active in 4-H and mock trial, Alison found time to be the president of her school’s chapter of Pass It Along, a community organization that serves those in need in northern New Jersey. As president, she organized events to bring Christmas gifts and cheer to local children. Alison’s experience with service and leadership led her to participate in Camp Rising Sun, an international program for students to learn about themselves and other cultures, and hone their skills as leaders dedicated to service. The following summer, she became a mentor, organizing programs, providing feedback, and encouraging girls as they learned leadersh


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