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Elks Community Builder of the Week

Manitowoc, Wis., Lodge No. 687 Elks shopped 'til they dropped for eight families living in Manitowoc, Wisconsin! Using an Elks National Foundation Gratitude Grant , Manitowoc, Wis., Lodge No. 687 partnered with the Salvation Army to purchase and distribute supplies to local families in need. Elks provided clothes, toys, tools, kitchen utensils and toiletries for 13 adults and 26 children. “We served families that otherwise would not have had these items,” says Community Investments Program Project Manager Anne Brogan. “It’s our third year of partnering with the Salvation Army and—thanks to the Gratitude Grant—we have increased our giving from three to eight families.” Manitowoc was able to apply for the Gratitude Grant after meeting the National President’s per-member-giving goal in 2013-14. Did your Lodge meet the per-capita goal? Then you are eligible to apply for a CIP Gratitude Grant! Don’t miss the opportunity to serve your community with this $2,000 grant. Grati


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