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Elks Community Builder of the Week

Coshocton, Ohio, Lodge No. 376   For the Elks in Coshocton, Ohio, family safety is a number one priority. Using an Elks National Foundation Beacon Grant , Coshocton, Ohio, Lodge No. 376 partnered with the local fire department to provide smoke detectors and home safety tips for families without smoke detectors in their homes. “Coshocton has many families in need,” says Community Investments Program Project Manager Marilyn Griffis. “We were able to give supplies and support to community members whose homes lacked smoke detectors.” The Beacon Grant project raised the Lodge’s profile in the community, motivating some of the local firefighters to join the Lodge. “The fire department was overjoyed to help with this event,” says Griffis. “The community got to see how the Elks are interested in helping those in need.” Don’t miss the opportunity to serve your community with $2,000! Beacon Grants, available to every Lodge, help Lodges like Coshocton hold ongoing, Elks-led charitabl

Elks Community Builder of the Week

Van Wert, Ohio, Lodge No. 1197 Up, up and away! Using an Elks National Foundation Beacon Grant , Elks from Van Wert, Ohio, Lodge No. 1197 partnered with the Van Wert hospital, local senior homes, local support groups for people with disabilities, and the Van Wert Regional Airport to provide hot air balloon rides for community members with special needs. The Elks stayed grounded, helping riders in and out of the wheelchair accessible balloon and offering food and friendship to guests. Thanks to the Beacon Grant, the Elks were able to connect with local organizations and give community members in need an uplifting, memorable experience. “This is my first time in a balloon,” says local nursing home resident Rita Clapp. “My whole family came to watch!” Through Beacon Grants, the Elks National Foundation gives Lodges the opportunity to develop an ongoing, charitable, Elks-driven community project. These $2,000 grants are available to all Lodges. To find out more about Beacon Grant

Where Has the Time Gone?

by 2010 Most Valuable Student scholar and Elks Scholar Advisory Board member Macy Warburton Macy Warburton , an at-large representative on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board , reflects upon her recent graduation from Kansas State University, and what the Elks have meant to her throughout her college career. Looking back a few years, I can clearly remember receiving the notice that I had been awarded a Most Valuable Student scholarship. Now, as a recent graduate of Kansas State University, I am able to look back to my college graduation and remember the time that I was awarded my undergraduate degree. Where has the time gone? The moment I walked across the stage at graduation to receive my diploma was a moment that came with many emotions. I often have heard stories of people’s lives flashing before their eyes, and to be honest, graduation was a lot like that. In an instant, numerous college memories came to mind—from all the exams I had taken to all the people I had grown close

Elks Community Builder of the Week

Cedar City, Utah, Lodge No. 1556   Youth in Cedar City, Utah can see clearly now thanks to the Elks. Using an Elks National Foundation Beacon Grant , Cedar City, Utah, Lodge No. 1556 partnered with Southern Utah Vision, local schools, and a local eye doctor to start Code Glasses, providing eye care for youth in need. After Elks performed preliminary eye exams at the Lodge, they took families to the local eye doctor for a follow-up exam and ensured every child in need of glasses received a pair. “Thank you, Elks Lodge. Now I can see the world much brighter,” reads a note from Zandihr, who benefitted from Code Glasses. Thanks to the Beacon Grant, the Cedar City Elks provided support and a healthy start for youth in need. The project also reenergized Lodge members, motivating them to get involved with the Lodge’s community service. “This project was a success,” says Community Investments Program Project Manager JoAnn Aldridge. “Even members that aren’t involved in the Lodge


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