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Elks Community Builder of the Week

Coos Bay, Ore., Lodge No. 1160 Thanks to its ENF Impact Grant , the Coos Bay Lodge provides weekend snack packs to children at Blossom Gulch Elementary School. Check out this video coverage of the Lodge’s project! The ENF awards Impact Grants to help Lodges significantly address unmet needs in Elks communities. Impact Grants are competitive grants worth up to $10,000 and are open to all Lodges. To find out more about Impact Grants, visit .

Per Capitaology

By Director Jim O’Kelley How’s your bracket looking? Last year, I took Butler to the final game. But this is not last year, and I reminded myself of that fact as I filled out my bracket. I knocked Butler off in the second round, same as VCU. Kentucky and UConn? I wasn’t feeling them, either. I eliminated them in the Sweet 16 and regional final, respectively. So, for my bracket, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is over. Fortunately, I still have a shot in the annual ENF employee per capita contest. We have our own version of March Madness at the ENF office. As the close of the fiscal year approaches, we all compete to see who can come closest to predicting the final mark for per-member giving. The winner gets bragging rights and a coveted spot in the exclusive club of former champions. The defending champion is Paula Lukos , one of our gift processors. She won last year with a guess of $6.300. The final per capita was a record $6.324. Here’s a look at this year’s guess

Start the Press!

By Kristen Scaletta, Communications Specialist   Each quarter, the Elks National Foundation publishes Heartbeat , a newsletter full of the latest ENF news and stories. We just wrapped up producing the spring 2011 edition, and wanted to see what happens between the time we hand off the files to the printer and when the newsletter arrives in your mailbox. Enter Envision Graphics . Our printer, John Schmudde agreed to take Development Manager Kate Keating Edsey and me on a tour of the plant that prints and mails Heartbeat . We drove for an hour in Chicago morning rush hour traffic until we reached the plant in Bloomingdale, Ill., but the long drive was worth it! When we arrived, we met Account Executive Dave Shanahan, who took us on a full tour. We started with the pre-press room, where the Heartbeat files are checked for errors and a printer proof, a preview of what the newsletter will look like when printed, is generated. Next, Dave whisked us through a series of cubicles (wh

Elks Community Builder of the Week

Danville, Va., Lodge No. 227 Batter up! With the help of Danville, Va., Lodge No. 227’s Promise Grant , the local high school baseball team holds a successful pancake breakfast fundraiser! Here, the team stands ready to serve breakfast to attendees.

The Most Wonderful Month of the Year

By Henri Moustakis, Donor Services Coordinator Henri (top left) and Paula (bottom right) are busy processing gifts. Sandy (top right) opens the mail and Jon (bottom left) prepares acknowledgment letters. Once upon a time, in the land of Elkdom, there was a check named Charlie. His name was really #1744, but everyone knew him as Charlie. One day, his owner designated him with the amount of $500.00, and mailed him to us. Who are we? We are the Donor Services Department at the Elks National Foundation. Donor Services is the first department to receive mailed checks like Charlie. We open mail, scan and process checks, send acknowledgments and finalize reports. During our fiscal year we process thousands of Charlies. So far this year, we’ve received more than 31,710 checks! March is our busiest month of the year. We’re preparing to close our current fiscal year, and anticipate receiving $1 million in donations. The year-end increase of donations makes it possible for the ENF to c

Elks Community Builder of the Week

Huntsville, Ala., Lodge No. 1648 Huntsville, Ala., Lodge No. 1648 uses its Impact Grant to mentor local high school students involved in the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics program. Through this program, students learn real-life applications of math and science, and are inspired them to become leaders in these fields. Here, Elks are helping students construct a robot.

Lessons of Loyalty (and Pins!)

By Erin Rohan, Development Associate Sometimes, I think of fables like ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ or ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant’ when I think of our ENF donors. From them, as a member of the ENF Development department, I learn similar lessons of steady commitment, hard work, charity and cooperation. The Elks National Foundation persists no matter what—that’s something I appreciate. But more so, I appreciate my position to witness charitable, generous Elks supporting the Foundation year after year. Saying thank you to these donors is one of my favorite parts! In 2007, the ENF Loyalty Club began. Because donors give in different ways, we recognize donors in different ways. The ENF Loyalty Club exists as one of those ways. The members of the ENF Loyalty Club teach us the most valuable lesson about winning. They have made a donation to the Foundation each and every fiscal year for the past 10 or more years. A decade and more of consecutive giving? Now that’s something special

Elks Community Builder of the Week

Galesburg, Ill., Lodge No. 894 These shoes are made for walking—thanks to Galesburg, Ill., Lodge No. 894. The Lodge used its Gratitude Grant to fund Project Shoes. Elks volunteers took students in need in to WalMart, where the students picked out brand new shoes and pairs of socks. In a note to the Lodge, Kevin, a local student, writes, “Thank you! I love my shoes so much. I will wear them every day.”

Danke Wayne

By Mary Morgan, Programs Associate When you get off the plane at the Las Vegas airport, you are surrounded by larger-than-life-sized pictures of all the local celebrities—Barry Manilow, Celine Dion and even Louie Anderson all smiling down to welcome you to town. After a recent trip, I would like to add Wayne Leroy of North Las Vegas, Nev., Lodge No. 2353 to this welcome committee. Assistant Director Debbie Kahler Doles and I had the opportunity to visit with Wayne, who is the Project Manager for his Lodge’s Impact Grant , the Veterans Outreach Project. The Lodge uses its grant to help run the Las Vegas Veterans Stand Down, but that’s just the kick-off event. The Lodge continues its outreach to homeless veterans throughout the year, partnering with U.S. VETS and other groups to hold support events. Wayne marks this year-round support as the part of the project he is most proud of. As well he should be—the Stand Down reached out to 477 veterans last year, but the rest of the events

Elks Community Builder of the Week

Weehawken, N.J., Lodge No. 1456 Weehawken, N.J., Lodge No. 1456 used its Promise Grant to hold a series of Youth Nights at the Lodge. The Elks work closely with the local Peer Leadership Program, a program for students to set an example by mentoring and serving their community. These students volunteer at many Lodge events throughout the year, including seasonal food drives, veterans’ events, and the Elks Walk Out on Drugs event. The Youth Nights are the Lodge’s way of celebrating these exemplary students’ achievements!

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!

By Christine Wagner, Donor Services Associate While these lyrics come from my favorite musical, they are a little bittersweet to sing right now. After a little more than three years, I am saying “so long” to the Elks National Foundation to pursue a new career opportunity. While I am very excited to embark on new experiences, I regretfully leave behind a special and unique group of people. Working in the Donor Services department for the past three years gave me the wonderful opportunity to see all of the generous donations the ENF receives on a daily basis. Down on the first floor, we definitely appreciate the ENF Chairs who have neat handwriting and alphabetized lists! My job also allowed me to talk to volunteers from all across the country; one of my favorite parts of the job! However, it was always hard to hear from the Florida, Arizona, and California Elks about how warm it was in their area of the country while Chicago was still feet deep in snow! I will look back on my tim


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